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Targets are dreams with a date!

How to set your targets

Ontvang GRATIS het 7 stappenplan

Dit zijn EXACT de stappen die ik elke dag toepas en waardoor ik zelfbewuster en beter in balans ben!

by Maurice Booyink in Uncategorized
20/02/2017 0 comments

Goals are dreams with a date!

You often hear that you need to make SMART goals, particularly companies like this term.

If you have a make a goal SMART, you’re testing if your goal meets the following 5 criteria:

Is your goal Specific enough? Is it Measurable? Is it Acceptable? For yourself or for the group. Is it Realistic? Time-based, when is it finished. So a clear start and end date.

Examples of goals which are not SMART:

I want to be happy

Not measurable: what do you understand under being happy? How do you measure this?

Not limited in time: When, so about how much time, are you happy?

I want a nice job

Not specific enough: What does having a nice job mean for you? Which tasks would you like to do in your job?

Not time-based: On what date do you want to have a new job. How many hours will you work?

The goals I have set for myself in blog post # 1, are not specific enough! These 4 goals should be clearer and made more specific. This can be done with the use of SMART

But be careful with the SMART making of your goals: Measurable goals lead to calculating behavior and what is acceptable? Will this push you to your limits? Or will you choose the more easy path? Are realistic goals ambitious enough?

Personally I think making goals SMART is a good tool, but not more than that. Dreams do not have to be realistic, that is the reason it are dreams. But your dreams can definitely give you direction and inspiration.

I want to be the best Mental Coach in the world. Currently unrealistic, but still not impossible! This can be reality over 5 or 10 years!

Ask yourself open questions (these questions start with how, who, what, where and when). The answers to those questions can be (sub) goals that lead to your ultimate goal.

So the example: I want a nice job

Can lead to the following questions: What do you find a nice job? What do you want to do? Which tasks gives you energy? What do you like in your current job? What don’t you like in your current job? Which steps should I take to get another job? What do I want to earn? When do I apply? How do I apply? Do I need extra training/education? How far will I travel for my new job?

The answers to these questions can also lead to sub-goals. For example you come to the conclusion that you need a specific course or more education. This is also a step towards you’re end-goal.

I wish you a lot of success with making your goals SMART

I like to receive your personal goals for this year!
You can mail to:

Kind regards,

Maurice Booyink

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Ontvang GRATIS het 7 stappenplan

Dit zijn EXACT de stappen die ik elke dag toepas en waardoor ik zelfbewuster en beter in balans ben!