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Ontvang GRATIS het 7 stappenplan

Dit zijn EXACT de stappen die ik elke dag toepas en waardoor ik zelfbewuster en beter in balans ben!



I am convinced that every person needs one or more coaches. Of course, you want to change yourself! But if you see utility or need to change, a good coach can help you further. A coach will help you by giving insight through asking the right questions. He helps you in setting up your goals and ensures that you achieve your goals. So, find a coach that suits you!

I can help you if you are in one or more of the following situations:
– You are often tired and futile
– You’re in trouble
– You want to get more from yourself
– You want more balance in your life
– You have too little time
– You have too little energy
– You sleep badly
– You want to learn how to deal with your illness
– You want to lose weight and live healthier
– You make (too much) influence you by the opinions of others
– You do not give your own limits
– You want to let go of more
– You always feel unrest
– You want to improve yourself

You do not have to be sick to get better

What is Mental Coaching?

Mental Coaching helps you to take control of your own life! Only you are responsible for your own feeling. Mental Coaching is a great tool here.
The starting point at Mentale Coaching is that everything starts with a thought. If you change your way of thinking, the feeling changes and if your feelings change, you change your overall functioning. Imagine how you would work if you feel SUPER all day long?

Mental Coaching sees humans as a system, we consist of a physical and mental part. Both parts are inextricably linked. Just as we benefit from training the physical part (sporting / moving), we would also be able to benefit greatly if we give more time and attention to our mental system.

In short: Mental Training.

Only Mental Training is done by very few people effectively. This course will explain how you can do this easily, allowing you to book lasting results that significantly increase the quality of your life.

– Mental Coaching does not look back to the past. It’s always NOW and beyond.
– Mental Coaching explains how the system works. The physical and mental part and how they communicate.
– Mental Coaching explains how we can handle emotions. Emotions are friends no enemies
– Mentally Coaching explain what thoughts are. Everything starts with a thought and much depends on the meaning we give.
– I give insight into your behavior by asking questions. The answers you already have, they may not be clear!
– I help you achieve your own goals
– It’s about results! This includes discipline, perseverance and willpower. The good news: This is all trainable!

At the end of the course you will be astonished at the amazing results that YOURSELF has achieved and how this completely changes your life.


For anyone who always wants to feel good! I’m strange if you do not have a coacht. I currently have 2 coaches. Some people say to me, you do not need that at all? You can coach yourself? Then I say, “I do not need it, but I can use it well”.
The weird thing is that there is still the perception that if you coach yourself there is something wrong with you. Or we think we need to solve everything ourselves. Nonsense!
Singers have a vocal coach, all athletes have a coach. A coach helps you by listening well to you by asking the right questions and giving insight into your own behavior. A coach motivates you to put the extra step you would not otherwise put. In my experience, everyone needs 1 or more coaches.

What is the course?

The course consists of 5 nights from 1.5 – 2 hours per evening, with an interval of about 3 weeks!
This is consciously chosen so that you can apply the scholar directly in practice. There is time enough to practice with the scholar. If you run into business that is not going well or situations that you still have trouble. Then there is all the time and space to master this. The big advantage is that we are conscious of mental training for a long time. As a result, the learned new behavior becomes more and more common and you will recognize (solid) patterns,

The group size is between 6-8 people and during the course we will keep the group as much as possible. This has the advantage that you get to know each other better and that as the course follows, a familiar feeling develops. This way you can also learn from each other’s experiences.

what is a course like?

These are fun and cozy nights. It’s nice to get to know other sides of yourself! Laughter is regularly and the (practice) examples are brought with humor and recognizable.
So it’s not a chat group that you have to talk to the whole group about your problems. Even more: You decide if you want to introduce something! It may, but certainly not.
During the course I will give a lot of examples and ask questions. You get handles that will help you get started right away.
You get insight into your own behavior and you will set goals to get more out of yourself. These goals can be private and / or business. It’s about getting the maximum result from yourself! The minimum time load will be about 1-2 hours a week. But the experience teaches you to spend more time out enthusiastically ?



The course is given on weekdays in Nijverdal. During the application, I ask for your preference and we will discuss a fixed course evening, eg Wednesday evening

What’s the result?

On the basis of a questionnaire we will look at the very first meeting where we stand. At the end of the course, we will fill in the same questionnaire. In this way, you get a concrete insight into the growth you’ve experienced over the past period. You will be amazed!
At the end of the course you will be able to coach yourself. You ask yourself the right questions, control your emotions (better), you have more energy and you are in the state of action to achieve your own goals!

Participants indicate during the final evaluation that they have learned the following:
• You think much more positively
• You have more self-esteem
• You know how the system works
• You are aware of (blocking) thoughts
• You have a better work-private balance
• You have more energy
• You have more rest in your mind
• You have more discipline
• You are better in your skin
• You take care of yourself
• You enjoy more
• You are more efficient and result-oriented
• You have better health
• You monitor your own limits
• You have less stress
• You have more overview
• You live more consciously
• You recognize behavioral patterns
• You can coach yourself

Give yourself mental training and see how this can change your life permanently!
Mental training is a great journey in yourself. It’s fun and instructive to be busy with your own thoughts and to further develop yourself. In short: You will get a better version of YOURSELF!


What are the costs?
I sincerely think that every person needs one or more coaches in his life. I’d love to be your coach. But then you should be willing to invest in yourself.
The costs for this course are normally € 249, – ex. VAT. This time I still offer the course for € 149, – ex. VAT. So a discount of € 100, -!

What do you get for this:
– 5x Course evening of 1.5 to 2 hours
– Book Mental Coaching – Just Do € 20, –
– All sheets used during the presentation
– Coffee Tea