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Ontvang GRATIS het 7 stappenplan

Dit zijn EXACT de stappen die ik elke dag toepas en waardoor ik zelfbewuster en beter in balans ben!


I am Maurice Booyink, a Dutchmen, living in Holland. My age is 46 years and I am married with Monique. Together we have 2 children Myrthe and Bas.
Since 2012 I am busy with Mental-Coaching and the continuous improvement of myself. This is a beautiful process which I very much enjoy. Why do I do the thing I do?

How did I get in touch with Mental Coaching? I saw a book on the table in the house of a girlfriend. The title was Just do it. The writer appears to be Ben Middelkamp a Dutchmen living in the same village as I do.

I looked through the book and saw later an advertisement in a local newspaper. The advertisement was about Mental Coaching and a free (Dutch people like free ?) event where Ben would speak about Mental Coaching. I enlisted for this event, and I decided to start a Mental-Coaching course.
I attended all the three courses. The Basic Course, the Pro Course and finally the Master Course which takes two years. At the moment I still am a member of Promeg. (PROfessional Mentalcoaching Group). The membership means that we come together 4 times a year with other Mental Coaches. We speak about mental coaching, experiences and for the continuous development of my coaching skills.

Mental Coaching has given me a lot. I have a much more positive attitude, I have a better work-life balance and I take good care of myself and my health. Because of this I am a nicer father, better husband, nicer colleague etc. In short: I enjoy more and I am more conscious of my life. This I grant everyone!
I also read dozens of books on psychology, leadership, personal development and coaching. I think every person should challenge themselve to keep learning and developing. I still have a list of books that I would like to read, courses I would like to attend, people I would like to meet.
At the beginning of this year I signed up this for a courses from Michael Pilarczyk. After all those years I still learned a lot. Many courses hat a in common with Mental Coaching.

What I learned in the course from Michael is setting (business) goals. Where I am now, where I want to go. What are my dreams and do I everything to achieve them. This year I set goals for myself and I am working really hard to achieve them!

A goal is a dream with a date!

I believe that every person need one or more coaches. A good coach asks the right questions. And if you answer those questions and you write it down (no one else can do it for you), you get self-knowledge to shape your own life. Why do you do the things you do? What questions do you ask yourself? What do you really want? Do you take actions?

It’s beautiful process in which I am more than happy to help you!

Do you want more information about Mental Coaching or do you want to join an (online)program. Please contact me.

Kind regards,
Maurice Booyink

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