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Maurice Booyink & Gerjan Bremmer
Mental Coaches


Mental Coaching gives insight into your OWN mental system. Your thoughts determine your feelings, your feelings determine your behavior. Your behavior determines your overall functioning.

People who have done a Mental Coaching training, experience the following results: They are more in balance, they stand up for them self, have more self-esteem and experience more (inner)peace and enjoy life more!

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Ontvang GRATIS het 7 stappenplan

Dit zijn EXACT de stappen die ik elke dag toepas en waardoor ik zelfbewuster en beter in balans ben!


where should i start?


Mental Coaching Course Let yourself be inspired and motivated

The mental coaching course consists of 5 training nights of 2 hours. To a group of 5-6 people I explain how our mental system works and how you can let it work in your advantage.

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Mental Coaching
Help your business further

In consultation, we will create a Customized Mental Coaching program for your organization. The first call is FREE and completely non-binding. Let yourself be amazed at the positive effects of mental training on your team or organization.

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Mental Coaching
Work on yourself

If you don’t want to join a group or want to start directly, then there is Mental Coaching Individual. We start with a free (Skype) conversation. Do we both have the right feeling? Then you determine the desired result! Together we make a planning and set the goals. Based on this, we will schedule one or more follow-up talks.

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Thank you for your wise words & your energy & power to make me think of it differently! I really like it! Success & you can do it!


Maurice, by following the Mental Coaching Course. I trust myself, I stay close to myself! As a result, I have innerpeace and a solid foundation for dealing with setbacks. A good starting point from developing myself further. Thank you!


Thanks to Mental Coaching, I have a better balance between work and family. I experience less stress and I have more control over my emotions (in certain situations). It gives me more energy and I am more conscious of the fun things in live!